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Introduction to Burglar Alarms

Dealing with an intruder is a traumatic experience especially if you do not have a burglar alarm.

The thought of a stranger entering your home or business is something few of us relish.

A burglar alarm is the first line of defence against that unauthorised entry, providing you with peace of mind and security both at home and at the office.

Which burglar alarm you install in your home will depend on a few different factors – how much you want to spend, the layout and size of your property and the nature of the security features you want for example.

You might want a traditional system which emits a loud noise when breached or, require one with a speech dialler, to alert you via a text message or phone call if the alarm is triggered.

For businesses, there are different considerations including the size of your property, the nature of your business, number of access points and even how many staff you have.

There are a broad range of additional options available to both home and business owners too –key holder alarm monitoring means a central station will alert you if your alarm is triggered and either respond or contact one of the nominated key holders.

You may want to connect your burglar alarm to a wider security system such as monitored CCTV.

Perhaps you’re keen to have the best wireless burglar alarm –what’s important is that you find the right solution for your budget and needs, and feel confident in the security you have.

Home Security – Why Do I Need a Burglar Alarm?

Everyone wants their home to be safe and secure.

But it’s no secret that current statistics show an increase in some types of crime in the UK, including vehicle thefts and burglaries, making the need for home alarm systems clear.

The latest data from the Office of National Statistics found:

  • The number of burglary offences recorded by the police increased by 9% (from 404,216 to 438,971 offences), consistent with the rising trend seen over the previous year.
  • There has been a 17% increase in vehicle-related theft in the latest year, with “theft of vehicles” increasing by 57% (from 57,000 to 89,000 and “attempts of and from vehicles” increasing by 28% (from 153,000 to 196,000)

Having an intruder in your home can be a very traumatic and unsettling experience.

We all see our homes as our place of sanctuary, and that an intruder could enter at will is very disconcerting.

Falling prey to a burglar often means losing cherished valuables, often in the form of things like jewellery and family heirlooms.

Once gone, these items are usually irreplaceable.

Not only do you lose something of monetary value, you lose something of sentimental value and this can often be the hardest pill to swallow.

It may be that you have an alarm but aren’t even sure how it works.

Many people moving into new homes may notice a couple of boxes dotted around on exterior walls, but they are often more for appearance’s sake than actual security.

There’s a good chance they no longer work.

Finding the best burglar alarm for your home, which fits your budget and meets your needs for a quick response, is imperative when it comes to making your home secure and putting your mind at rest.

Why Does Your Business Need To Install A Burglar Alarm?

The security issues which plague business owners differ greatly to those of homeowners but, in its most basic form, the reason for installing a business burglar alarm is the same- to protect what is yours.

Many businesses will have at least some expensive equipment on their property.

Most will have computers on site, as well as other technology such as machinery, televisions and IT equipment.

Your business may also store specialised tools on-site which are not easy or cheap to replace.

The loss of these materials – essential for your to day-to-day operations – is every business’s nightmare and could have a cost implication which runs into the thousands, not to mention lost earnings from cancelled jobs.

A burglary can also have a very real impact on employees. A good work environment is a safe environment. It’s hard not to feel concerned when that environment is breached.

In the long-term, a break in and lack of adequate security will also mean soaring insurance costs.

And if your business is the target of multiple thefts, it may make the business uninsurable overall.

It’s wise to install appropriate security measures before you reach that point.

Luckily, there are many options for businesses when it comes to burglar alarm systems.

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    Why Invest In A Burglar Alarm At All?

    The last few years have seen increases in the number of burglaries and thefts taking place.

    Between 2016 and 2017, the number of burglaries increased by 9% for example. The Office of National Statistics point out this isn’t because of better reporting from police forces, but reflects a genuine increase in the number of home burglaries.

    This is part of a trend going back three years, suggesting the figures are not a fluke.

    Where businesses are concerned, the wholesale and retail industry is particularly affected, with a higher level of crime than any other sector and 8.1 million crimes in 2017.

    These numbers alone make the business case for investing a burglar alarm system.

    The volume of crimes being reported show that burglars and intruders are taking advantage of sub-par security both at home and at work – and getting away with it.

    In fact, burglary is the second-most common crime experienced by businesses in the UK (after shoplifting).

    For homeowners and the business community alike, the statistics are clear; it is imperative to have a suitable, modern burglar alarm system installed to avoid falling victim to this increasing problem.
    What Burglar Alarm Options Do You Have As a Homeowner?

    Despite all the scary figures and increases in burglaries, it is possible to make your home feel both safe and secure.

    In fact, the number of burglar alarms available and sheer volume of features can make choosing a home burglar alarm system a little daunting.

    A perimeter alarm, for example, uses sensors that sit around the outside of your home and pass a beam between sensors.

    This feeds back to a wireless receiver and, if the beams are interrupted, the sensor tells you.

    On the other hand, a conventional setup will alert you via a loud bell or chime, when a door or window is opened.

    Modern solutions also include smart-home compatible systems and wireless burglar alarm systems for easy install that don’t require heavy-duty drilling or cabling.

    Whatever you are thinking of choosing, it’s important to know what your options are and take professional advice before settling on a residential alarm system.


    What Are Your Burglar Alarm Options As a Business Owner?

    Investing in the right security system is one of the most important decisions a business can make.

    It’s not just a matter of keeping equipment and premises safe, it can also keep insurance premiums down and increase staff morale.

    No one can work if their workstation has been carried off by an intruder, and insurers will penalise you – however unfairly – for being the victim of one, or multiple, break-ins.

    It’s a matter of investing now to offset the future costs of a burglary.

    Businesses premises will usually demand more robust and complex commercial burglar alarm systems than is required for a home intruder alarm.

    You might want to consider a Speech Dialler option, for example. In the case of a burglary, the alarm has a pre-programmed list of numbers to notify via text or phone call.

    You may also want to consider in-built Police Response for your system.

    Your business can also choose from a hard-wired or a wireless burglar alarm system, key holder alarm monitoring and a host of other features.

    Many systems can bring together a number of different features to create a fully tailored solution.

    The alarm sector is always advancing and adding new technology, so it’s important to assess all the options available before committing to a burglar alarm installation for your premises.

    What Are The Best Burglar Alarms Available In The UK?

    When you’re deciding on what kind of burglar alarm system you want for your home or business, it pays to be aware of the technology out there.

    Advances in wireless setups have made it easier than ever to install a modern, non-intrusive security system and this configuration has the added bonus of being easily transportable if you move.

    Some might prefer the traditional bells-only alarm system, which is loud and alerts anyone in the immediate vicinity that an alarm has been tripped.

    On the other end of the spectrum, a smart burglar alarm set up is increasingly popular.

    This will notify you via smartphone or tablet when your alarm system is triggered, enabling you to take appropriate action.

    Dialler options know when an alarm is triggered and call a pre-prescribed list of numbers that you program.

    This could be family members for a home system, or selected staff members if it’s a business installation.

    You could also opt for a monitoring contract.

    These are popular amongst businesses because a central security office will be notified if an alarm is tripped to take action.

    For business premises left empty over weekends, this is a sensible addition.

    Making The Decision To Install a Home Burglar Alarm – Things To Know

    When you’ve decided on the type of home burglar alarm you feel you need and want, there are a few key things to consider and questions to ask of your burglar alarm installation team.

    You need to consider how much work and time the installation might take. A wireless system, for example, will not require an invasive procedure and will be a fairly straightforward installation. Something more robust, like a traditional bell-only burglar alarm will require drilling, positioning and configuring.

    Whilst it’s also important to think about the cost of the system and your budget, it’s a good idea to weigh this up against what you stand to lose in the case of a burglary.

    Most people’s contents are worth far more than they think, and irreplaceable pieces of jewellery and family history are hard to put a price on. It’s all about weighing what you stand to gain against what you stand to lose.

    One major thing to keep in mind is the importance of a warranty and regular servicing.

    You need regular, top quality maintenance to ensure your system remains in good working order – ask your installers how much this is and whether the first year’s service is included in the cost of your system.

    Making The Decision To Install a Commercial Burglar Alarm – Things To Know

    When it comes time to make a decision on your work’s alarm system, time and price are perhaps the two biggest factors you’ll weigh up.

    The time it takes to install a system can impact on the day-to-day activities of your business, so speed is important.

    Consider how much downtime you might need in order to make the installation period risk-free for employees.

    Installation may require drilling and moving equipment around, so bear this in mind.

    It’s also important to perform a cost benefit analysis.

    You need to weigh up the costs of a system -whether it’s traditional, wireless, and has monitoring and dialler capabilities – against what you will lose if the business falls prey to an intruder.

    The outlay for a good burglar alarm system is nothing compared to the cost of lost IT equipment, specialised equipment and peace of mind.

    Many businesses will put off installing a more up-to-date burglar alarm but then find themselves facing higher insurance costs when a burglary does occur.


    One of the key points to consider alongside the burglar alarm cost is the quality of the burglar alarm installation.

    The installer of your equipment should be SSAIB accredited.

    This not only ensures the highest level of service and expertise, it’s also something insurance companies care about.

    If your installer is not accredited, insurers will generally not accept this as good enough.

    Ultimately, the costs of installing an intruder alarm system are far less than the repercussions of being victim to a burglary at your place of work.

    The Importance of Quality When Choosing A Burglar Alarm Installation Service

    Not all burglar alarm installers, nor burglar alarm systems, are created equal.

    You need to know that the system you have chosen is right for your needs – not the bottom line of the installation company.

    This is why it’s important to look for a professional, ideally local firm.

    When you’re choosing a burglar alarm installation service for home or work, look for a company that has strong reviews, a great reputation and the appropriate accreditations.

    Warranty, servicing and maintenance are also essential, as is the option for a site survey.

    One of the key points to consider alongside the burglar alarm cost is the quality of the burglar alarm installation.

    The installer of your equipment should be SSAIB accredited.

    This not only ensures the highest level of service and expertise, it’s also something insurance companies care about.

    If your installer is not accredited, insurers will generally not accept this as good enough.

    Ultimately, the costs of installing a burglar alarm system are far less than the repercussions of being victim to a burglary at your place of work.

    Want to find out more or need help deciding on the best burglar alarm system for your home or business premises? Contact Scaitec on 01709 761 007.