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Why do you need a business intruder alarm?

In this day and age, business security is everything. Unfortunately, your business or public building is likely to come under plenty of negative attention from would-be intruders. That’s why, along with a professional commercial CCTV system, you are going to need a professional business intruder alarm to help protect your premises.

Whether you are looking for office security systems or bespoke commercial security alarms, it makes sense to look for professional build and manufacture. Not only that, but you are going to need a commercial alarm that is simple to use both on-site and off it. This way, you can always be sure that if anyone does try to access your premises, the alarm is raised as soon as possible. A well-fitted intruder alarm for your business is also going to work as a brilliant deterrent for any kind of criminal activity.

Which type of alarm will you need for business security?

All businesses are different. However, it’s important to consider the value of your assets, as well as the doors and perimeters you need to protect. You need to be careful to consider the layout of your business premises, as well as the level of security you demand.

Even if you are considering small business security systems, that doesn’t mean you have to look for low-grade options. Commercial security comes in all shapes and sizes. We recommend you speak to your insurance company first to find out what system grade they require for your premises.

If you’d like to know more about which business security alarms are likely to work best for your budget, make sure to call our team now. Call 01709 761007 to discuss setting up a bespoke alarm service. Below, we’ve lined up a handful of choices, too.

Bells Only

A business intruder alarm with a ‘bells only’ system will raise an alarm sound only. These are effective criminal deterrents as well as signals for you to take immediate action. There are two main types.


Perimeter Alarm

A perimeter alarm will protect the inside and outside of your business premises. This means that it will, using contact sensors, detect movement at the door and outer perimeter, as well as inside it. This is a great option for staving off criminal activity before it even occurs.


Trap Protection

Trap protection is a budget-friendly option largely used in home alarm setups. This is a no-frills alarm where the signal will be raised as soon as movement is detected inside your premises.

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Key Holder Alarm Monitoring

The best small business security systems also have key holder functionality built-in as standard. This service enables a member of your off-site security team to attend your office or commercial building the moment that an alarm is raised. This essentially means you have an expert with a key ready to head out and help as soon as an alarm is triggered.

Within 20 minutes of your alarm being sounded, an expert from Scaitec Security Solutions will visit your premises and to ensure the safety of your office or building. This is efficient, reliable security on demand when you need it. Call 01709 761007 now to find out more.

Police Response

The best security for your office or commercial building will also incorporate police response. Our business security alarms won’t just raise a signal and deterrent, but will also make sure to inform the relevant authorities to access your premises.

Therefore, with a leading business intruder alarm system, you can be sure that you are not only warding off criminal activity, but are also making sure the relevant authorities respond as soon as possible to wrongdoing.

Make sure to get in touch with our commercial security team now to set up your own bespoke alarm survey as soon as possible.

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