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Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm Systems can minimise damage caused by fire and, more importantly will help to save lives by detecting a fire before it takes hold allowing your staff and customers to safely evacuate the premises

A fire causes disruption to a business that can take time to replace or is irreplaceable. Sometimes the damage is so severe it can close a business down as they are unable to recover from the loss and devastation.

Fire alarms need to be designed and installed to the current British Standards. Scaitec fire & security solutions will help you comply with the current regulations by designing, installing and maintaining your system to ensure you keep everyone safe on site.

All our systems are bespoke and will be built around your business needs. There are a variety of fire safety solutions available, you can trust Scaitec fire & security to design a tailored solution that perfectly suits your needs and budget.

Conventional Fire Alarms

This type of system is suited for small business premises such as small offices, nurseries and shops. In conventional systems, detectors are hard wired into a circuit or zone. They signal fire or fault conditions to the control panel by changing from a high to low impedance. The panel detects this impedance change by current monitoring and identifies the zone. When an activation Is triggered the fire alarm will sound to alert that a full evacuation is needed. These types of alarms are a cheap option but can be more expensive to install. The disadvantage of this type of system is the exact location of a fire can’t be determined.


Addressable Fire Alarm System

This type of system is suitable for larger business premises such as warehouses, hotels and large factories or depots. This type of system enables the exact location of a fire to be determined. Each zone is connected to the alarm system wit its own address. When a fire is detected the address will be displayed on the panel. An addressable system causes less disruptions to business because there are less false alarms, the sounders can be set up in the specific zones reducing the need to evacuate the whole work force.


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Our fire alarm systems include some of the following features:

  • Fire & Smoke Detectors – These are able to detect changes in ambient temperature, fire alarm detectors are usually mounted to the ceiling or wall and will provide the first alert when the heat Carbon Monoxide – A smouldering fire gives of carbon monoxide. These detectors are designed to pick this up. These should not be used to replace smoke detectors but in addition to.
  • Beam Detectors – These are used where it is too high to install a smoke detector. A beam can detect smoke at a higher level with the beam spreading from one end of the building to the other.
  • Call Points – Fire alarm call points offer great protection for your building and are a manual means of Fire Alarm beacons – Fire alarm beacons sound a loud and distinctive alarm the moment that fire is detected. We are all familiar with the sound of a fire alarm and know that when we hear it we need to take evasive action and start evacuating.
  • Radio Fire Alarms – These versatile devices have no protruding wires or cables and can be fitted in It is a legal requirement that all fire alarm systems are serviced and maintained on a regular basis.

The team at Scaitec fire & security solutions will not only design and install your system we will also offer you a maintenance contract so you can rest assured your staff and premises are fully protected. We can also repair and update your existing system if your risk assessment identifies any areas that comply.

Don’t wait for your local authorities to threaten you with legal action call Scaitec fire & security systems on 01709 761 007. Let us take care of all your fire safety.


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