We understand the challenges faced when you are trying to protect your home from unauthorised access. All our systems are bespoke and can be tailored around your specific needs and requirements. Our systems can be designed to be fully integrated protecting your home  around the clock 365 days a year.

24 Hour Home Monitoring

To maximise the protection and investment of your security system: Burglar Alarm and CCTV system, opting to have these remotely monitored ensures your home is protected around the clock 24/7. This would mean should the Intruder Alarm system activate or your CCTV pick up any suspicious activity the highly trained staff in the monitoring station can take the appropriate action. These operators, depending on the type of system, can issue verbal warning over the tanoid system, alert the named keyholder(s) or if appropriate call the emergency services.

All our systems uses state of the art technology that is so advanced a signal will still be transmitted and picked up even if your line is damaged. These systems use GSM, GPRS, Lan , Wifi or can incorporate both technologies for dual path signalling for example Lan / GPRS , so if your broadband failed the system would communicate via a world sim over GPRS .

CCTV Monitoring

Remote monitoring offers a cost-effective security solution which can help you to safeguard your home family and assets.  

Detector-Driven CCTV

This form of remote monitoring connects to a centralised monitoring desk. Once the alarm is triggered, the remote monitoring station is informed – and if you’ve chosen a reputable security company, the operator will respond swiftly and helpfully.

First, the alarm is answered. This connects the remote monitoring system to a live feed of your security camera, ensuring they’ll have a clear view of what’s actually happening in the space which is under surveillance.

This, in turn, helps to limit ‘false alarms’ and allows the correct response to be collated. The operators will be able to pan and zoom around the footage from your CCTV cameras, investigating the cause of the alarm in the most comprehensive way possible.

This allows operators to check intruders aren’t hiding in any of the camera’s blind spots, and if any trouble is detected, the operator can then continue to immediately prompt a response.

If an intruder is found on-site, then a live audio warning will immediately be commenced – informing the intruder they are being watched and recorded and instructing them to leave the premises or face legal consequences.

In many cases, this will be sufficient to prevent the need for further action, as the intruder is likely to accept this warning and leave. However, if they don’t or the situation escalates, the operators will inform emergency services.

Capture Critical Data With Video Analytics

Whether you are handling the monitoring yourself or entrusting it to a third party, with video analytics, the software will enable easy capture of crucial elements in your location.

This, as we have noted, is great for catching criminals on the premises.

With just a few clicks, the team monitoring your alarm can capture critical data, meaning the alarm can be managed more effectively. This not only gives you greater peace of mind, it also provides a crucial added layer of security.

One click – This enables a quick snapshot to be taken of the area. It can be particularly useful for gaining a quick understanding of any potential threats to the premises and any areas of interest within the wider image feed.

Two clicks – This captures a video clip, which can be detected and verified instantaneously to accurately assess the situation at the location.

Three clicks – This provides a live feed to the monitoring station, so action can be captured immediately and detailed information provided to any necessary third parties, such as the emergency services.

Video analysis is a highly skilled job. This state of the art technology is compatible with all security systems and teams which offer it are fully committed to each project and company they work with.

Our Services

We supply and install security systems for domestic, commercial and industrial premises, and our services include the following…