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Remote monitoring offers a cost-effective security solution which can help you to safeguard your business or domestic property – while others choose to opt for a more hands-on approach to their own security.

Choosing the right security camera presents many challenges – but making sure you complete the necessary research before settling on your final CCTV system makes all the difference!

The Office of National Statistics reports 30% of burglaries take place at the weekend, a time when properties are less likely to be attended.

Crime is an ever-present danger for companies, and the cost of replacing damaged or stolen goods can easily run into the thousands.

This makes the need for a sophisticated and effective CCTV system more important than ever before.

Remote CCTV monitoring or simply ensuring you have a security system in place which allows you to personally monitor cameras at all times can help save thousands of pounds in the form of theft, criminal damage and even fire.

A security system is a big investment for most businesses – and choosing the right option can help to make it all worthwhile.


Remote CCTV Monitored By The Professionals

Remote monitoring simply means your CCTV is hooked up to a remote location, where it is monitored by security professionals – adding an additional level of effectiveness to your business security.

The type of accredited CCTV monitoring and the type of detection depends upon the system you choose, but there are some popular options as we will explore in this piece.

Remote monitoring capabilities are only switched on when your site is left unattended, allowing for threats to be assessed when your own staff are off duty.

This is the ideal way of ensuring a truly comprehensive, 24/7 coverage for your premises – warding off intruders as well as ensuring a swift and appropriate response should the need arise.

Detector-Driven CCTV

This form of remote monitoring connects to a centralised monitoring desk. Once the alarm is triggered, the remote monitoring station is informed – and if you’ve chosen a reputable security company, the operator will respond swiftly and helpfully.

First, the alarm is answered. This connects the remote monitoring system to a live feed of your security camera, ensuring they’ll have a clear view of what’s actually happening in the space which is under surveillance.

This, in turn, helps to limit ‘false alarms’ and allows the correct response to be collated. The operators will be able to pan and zoom around the footage from your CCTV cameras, investigating the cause of the alarm in the most comprehensive way possible.

This allows operators to check intruders aren’t hiding in any of the camera’s blind spots, and if any trouble is detected, the operator can then continue to immediately prompt a response.

If an intruder is found on-site, then a live audio warning will immediately be commenced – informing the intruder they are being watched and recorded and instructing them to leave the premises or face legal consequences.

In many cases, this will be sufficient to prevent the need for further action, as the intruder is likely to accept this warning and leave. However, if they don’t or the situation escalates, the operators will inform emergency services.

The layered and detailed information which those monitoring your chosen CCTV system are able to provide – including information on exactly what’s happening, verified with visual evidence – means the call will be taken seriously, and the response from emergency services will be in keeping with the severity of the possible intrusion or criminal damage.

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    Capture Critical Data With Video Analytics

    One of the cleverest things about remote monitoring is the high-tech gadgetry which those monitoring your live feed have access to.

    Whether you are handling the monitoring yourself or entrusting it to a third party, with video analytics, the software will enable easy capture of crucial elements in your location.

    This, as we have noted, is great for catching criminals on the premises.

    With just a few clicks, the team monitoring your alarm can capture critical data, meaning the alarm can be managed more effectively. This not only gives you greater peace of mind, it also provides a crucial added layer of security.

    One click – This enables a quick snapshot to be taken of the area. It can be particularly useful for gaining a quick understanding of any potential threats to the premises and any areas of interest within the wider image feed.

    Two clicks – This captures a video clip, which can be detected and verified instantaneously to accurately assess the situation at the location.

    Three clicks – This provides a live feed to the monitoring station, so action can be captured immediately and detailed information provided to any necessary third parties, such as the emergency services.

    Video analysis is a highly skilled job. This state of the art technology is compatible with all security systems and teams which offer it are fully committed to each project and company they work with.

    Remote monitoring means alarms can be checked easily within a matter of seconds, while the highly intuitive and efficient software makes checking the location simpler and effective.


    Protect Your Security System With Tampering Detection

    While today’s CCTV camera equipment is certainly state of the art, if it is tampered with or damaged it will lose its effectiveness.

    Thankfully, remote monitoring CCTV comes complete with not only intrusion detection, but tampering detection. This is a fantastic addition to your security set-up, as it means even the most determined criminals will be unable to get away with criminal damage.

    If the high-resolution camera detects any sign of damage, the alarm procedure will be initiated and intruders will receive first a warning, then an emergency response requested if appropriate.

    Protect Your Property On The Go With The Mobile Solution

    Video analytics options provide the option of a mobile app to ensure keeping your property safe is manageable from wherever you happen to be.

    With all the great benefits of remote monitoring in the palm of your hand, security has never been simpler or more effective.

    These additional features and capabilities further make the case for using an accredited CCTV installer – with mobile apps and remote monitoring not available if you go down the DIY route or don’t carefully vet your CCTV installation team before committing to an install.

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