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The Benefits of Professional Burglar Alarm Installation for Your Home or Business

The key purpose of a professional burglar alarm installation is to provide an enhanced level of protection for your home or business property. When an alarm system exists and is fully visible, it is enough of a proven deterrent to criminals so that there is a minimised risk of break-ins and vandalism. Given that this is a major concern for any domestic or business property owner, this guide explores all of the benefits that come from a professional product and explains exactly why it is a smart move.

Effective Burglary Prevention

A top advantage of professional burglar alarm installation is effective burglary prevention. Nearly 30% of business properties faced some kind of break-in during 2022, a figure that is simply not acceptable. Burglary style crimes have devastating consequences for businesses both small and big. It can delay orders, deplete funds, break trust, and shake the confidence of entrepreneurs and owners regardless of where it happens.

Expert system in place

Therefore, having an expert system in place that is a major deterrent is an attractive solution. Post installation, the very fact that such a system exists and is there for all to see will make it more difficult for potential thieves to plan and execute an invasion. It’s not just businesses that are affected, of course, and domestic properties find the benefits are exactly the same for them too.


Remote Control Options

These systems often have the option to be remotely controlled. What this means for you is that you are able to set alarms, monitor premises and take action even when you are not physically present. You can check up and check in whenever and wherever you feel the need.

Heightened peace of mind

This heightened peace of mind is all you need to be able to concentrate on the more important things that should be occupying space, such as working on the budget or increasing customer engagement. The same can be said for domestic properties too. If you ever have a night away or even a longer vacation and want to make sure your home is not a victim while standing empty, you can look at the app and find reassurance.

The remote control option is great because it means your property is safe every hour of the day and the night. If you hear a noise, you can check what’s going on in the middle of the night.

It Helps Neighbours Too

There is a good chance that even if your property is not a victim of a break-in, your neighbours may be. However, if your alarm system covers their property in any way then you can use this to their advantage too.

Protect Your Business

Protect Your People

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    Ongoing Maintenance Factors

    Scaitec burglar alarm installation offers an ongoing maintenance package that gives you a reliable way to manage the system if something goes wrong. Frequent repairs are unlikely, but it is still a good idea to protect your alarm by having an engineer have a look over it from time to time.

    Sign up for the plan

    Whether you sign up for the plan or not, there are always options, and it is always easier to get the company that installed the system to carry out essential work and maintenance because they will know it inside out and be able to spot any red flag errors more easily.

    Burglar Alarm Installation Quick Responses

    Having a company put an alarm system together on your business or home grants you the option for fast responses if something does go wrong. If the alarm is set off, there will always be a follow up call. Whether it is a false trigger or a real one, the fact that a fast response will be ready and waiting is an extremely supportive factor.

    Increase Property Value

    Property values are always fluctuating. Where you live and the crime rate in the local area are primary determiners when determining the price of a domestic property, and the same is true of business ones. When the time comes to sell, if there is a comprehensive security product, it will add value to your house or building.

    Why is this?

    Why is this? There are a few reasons. Firstly, it makes a property feel more secure and this is a big way to attract buyers because it is a highly desirable quality. Secondly, it saves new owners time and effort installing their own systems. As long as you provide details about the handover and let the company know there is a new owner, everything should run smoothly.


    Effective Evidence

    If the worst happens, and a break-in does take place, then if your alarm network includes CCTV monitoring, this will be sufficient evidence for the official police report. It could lead to you re-possessing your stolen belongings or even holding the criminal responsible for their home invasion crimes.

    Make Guests Feel Secure

    It also makes your house feel that much more comfortable and secure for guests. Regardless of whether this is domestic guests or business clients coming to shop or explore services, the knowledge that the building is looked after will instantly create a relaxed atmosphere and enable whoever steps through the front door to feel more at eases. For Burglar Alarm Installation for businesses, this will inevitably increase positive experiences, and for homeowners, it will help everyone to wind down and sleep peacefully so that the fun times can keep on rolling.

    Reduced Insurance Costs

    The last but certainly not least point is all about your insurance policy. Thousands of people haFscaitve home insurance policies, and it is heavily recommended (even a legal requirement sometimes) that business owners have insurance too. An alarm system is a great way to reduce your premium costs and shows your insurance company that you have taken active steps to boost the security of the property. This is perhaps more relevant in a business context, but it applies to both scenarios, nevertheless.


    Scaitec Burglar Alarm Installation, Security alarms, and monitoring services ensure that your property is protected whether it is a domestic one or a business venue. This peace of mind is irreplaceable, and you won’t know until you have a system in place just how valuable it truly is.

    Provide a major deterrent for home invaders and tackle the root of the problem.