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When looking at investing in the best burglar alarm system, there’s a lot of different technology and options out there.

From conventional solutions to the latest in smart home technology, it pays to read up on what the marketplace can offer so you’re fully informed when it comes to choosing the best burglar alarm for commercial or home.

Bells Only

Connected to sensors, a bell only alarm is the classic, conventional solution many homes and businesses choose.

The sensors will generally detect the opening of a window or door but can also come in heat or motion detecting forms.

The sensor detects a change in what it is monitoring – a new heat source, movement across its range – and alerts the alarm, which will then activate.

This tells the outside world that something is amiss and, crucially, lets the intruder know that they have been detected.

It’s as much about reducing the attractiveness of your home or business to a burglar as it is to alerting people that a burglary is in progress.

Bell only alarms are also the most recognisable form of alarm.

Everyone knows what that white or yellow box high up on an exterior wall is.

It’s there to show potential intruders that your home or office is not a good target for them.

This form of intruder alarm is as powerful a deterrent visually as it is sonically.


Speech Dialler

Integrated into the alarm, a speech dialler will notify you if a suspected intruder is present.

Users can program multiple numbers into the dialler, so you can rest easy that someone you trust is going to be informed.

Messages are sent via text or automated phone call, and a speech dialler is great if you want to know the moment something untoward may be happening inside your home or business.

It offers peace of mind and the knowledge that there’s no lag between a potential security breach and you knowing about it.

HKC Secure Com Smart Phone Notification

The HKC Mobile Application provides the owner of the property with valuable insights and extra piece of mind, please watch the video to learn more.

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    Key Holder Alarm Monitoring

    Connected to a central receiving centre, a key holder alarm monitoring setup is a good way to enjoy peace of mind when you are away from home or work.

    When the alarm activates, the receiving centre will contact your nominated keyholders – usually adults and perhaps other trusted persons – and tell them of the alert.

    Nominated keyholders need to be within 20-minutes of the property, in order to ensure a timely response.

    Failing this, the receiving centre will respond themselves.

    Either way, you know that someone knows the alarm has been raised and help is on its way.

    Police Response

    Similar to the keyholder system detailed above, police response is a more robust option and is well suited to business owners looking for a commercial alarm system for their place of work especially if expensive or dangerous goods and stored there.

    When an alarm alerts to an intruder, the central receiving office will be made aware.

    Two indicators confirm activation of the alarm, ensuring there is no false alarm, and the receiving centre will then notify the police.

    The receiving centre will be registered with the local authorities, ensuring that their call to the police is taken seriously.

    Then it’s only a short time before your property secured and the worst outcome is avoided.

    It’s worth knowing that alarms with police response capabilities must be serviced and maintained by an accredited burglar alarm installation company at least twice a year, as this will avoid false alarms and unnecessary callouts.

    Consider running through a checklist when appraising your need for an intruder alarm system, ask yourself:

    • Do I want something that sonically alerts the outside world to an intruder?
    • Do I want a system that I can modify and take with me?
    • Is instant notification important to me when something is amiss?
    • Who do I trust with access to my home or business?
    • Do I want police response capabilities in my system?
    • What is my budget?

    The UK market is filled with options for the security conscious home or business owner with everything from DIY kits to technologically advanced intruder alarms.

    There are systems from brand names and unknown names, along with wired and wireless options, smart home integration and myriad other options.

    Wireless Alarms

    As setups go, wireless burglar alarm systems for home and business use are unobtrusive, low hassle and very effective.

    If you don’t want – or can’t – have drilling and heavy-duty installation going on, a wireless intruder alarm system is an ideal option.

    Battery-powered sensors communicate with the alarm control panel via radio signals, creating a comprehensive security network for your house, flat or office.

    They are generally smaller than traditional alarms but they are just as reliable.

    An added benefit of a wireless intruder alarm system is that it is easy to supplement with other sensors and remove as needed..

    This makes it ideal if you move home and want to take your security system with you – something that a conventional alarm system cannot offer.

    Usually coming in at around £400-£500, a wireless alarm system will cover all the bases.

    The average set-up will be something like this:

    • 1 Alarm Panel
    • 1 Keypad
    • 3 x PIR (Passive Infrared) sensors
    • 2 x Door Contact
    • 1 x Siren Bell Box
    • 1 x Dummy Box

    If you want some guidance on which burglar alarm system is right for your home or business, contact Scaitec today.

    We can help you find the solution that’s right for your budget, needs and peace of mind.