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Despite the (often conflicting) advice on the subject, business security needn’t be complicated.

There are many simple yet effective ways to give your own business a big boost from a security perspective, without breaking the bank or spending hours you don’t have on this essential yet sometimes time-consuming aspect of running your company.

Whether you’re a multi-national looking to secure your flagship premises or a small business determined to safeguard your open-plan site.

This handy guide should help you ensure optimum security with minimal effort.

It should also help you a little further down the line when you come to conduct your business security cost-benefit analysis.

Understand the Threats

As the crime rate across the UK continues to rise, businesses are some of the worst hit by offences such as burglary and theft.

Alongside fraud, assaults and threats, theft ranks highly amongst the potential criminal behaviour a company must guard against.

Whilst a drop-in crime rates can be seen in some industries as they improve their defences, those such as administration and support are seeing a rise in cases of criminality, with 18% experiencing crime in 2017.

These are sobering statistics for anyone currently concerned about how to bolster their own defences.

The first step towards handling your security threats and pressure points is to understand them with a careful and thorough risk assessment.

Be sure to educate yourself on all the potential security threats which your company might face, be they domestic break-ins or even concerns leaning more towards cybersecurity.

Education is your best friend in the fight against criminality – and you can always seek out the experts to help guide you if you feel lost.


Insure Your Premises Correctly

Should the worst happen, you need to know your company is covered against some of the terrible losses which could make or break even the most stable of businesses.

A quality insurance plan will also likely require you to have the latest security technology installed (usually an accredited installer means a lower small business insurance premium).

Specialist insurers may be required depending upon your industry and sector, so be sure to research thoroughly in order to get the best deal and the best coverage.

This will help put your mind at ease and empower you to take further cautionary measures whilst still confronting the worst-case scenario, head-on.

Hire the Right People

Background checks are essential to ensure your staff are reliable, safety conscious and legitimate.

Many companies are less stringent when hiring part-time or temporary staff, but this could only make those with more nefarious intentions more bold and reckless.

Be cautious when granting employees access to security codes and keys, and have a clear disciplinary approach which supports prosecution in the event of employee theft.

If your business uses petty cash or tills, be particularly aware of these, as they can represent easy targets for criminality.

You’ll need to consider the use of cameras if cash is handled and held on premises as you decide between CCTV and burglar alarms and determine if you need one or both.http://google.com

Even if you are sure your staff are trustworthy, having large cash deposits on site might also mean that you need remote monitored CCTV for an extra level of security rather than CCTV remote viewing system.

Protect Your Business

Protect Your People

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    Keep an Inventory of Stock and Equipment

    Keep a clear inventory of all assets related to your business via regular audits, ensuring you know exactly what your business owns, what’s coming in and what’s going out.

    This will entail keeping a close check on all your paperwork and ensuring it stays up to date, so as to avoid any inconsistencies.

    Organisation is key to registering any discrepancies in stock or assets which might otherwise go unnoticed, but over time could add up to create major losses for your company.

    Guard Against Information Theft

    It isn’t just your business premises which need security – it’s your online presence as well.

    This is particularly important if your company holds data relating to customers, as this must remain secure to avoid data loss or data theft which could have terrible consequences for customer trust.

    Install online security software which is commensurate with your company’s needs, and remain aware when working in high-risk online crime industries such as admin, retail and transportation.

    2016 predictions stated that cyber-attacks could double in 2017.

    But in fact, cyber-attacks doubled in the first half of the year alone.

    According to Symantec, email is increasingly the weapon of choice with one in every 131 emails containing malware.

    It isn’t enough to protect your physical property with business security systems, your virtual assets need to be considered too.


    Talk to The Experts

    It’s vital that you understand as a business owner that not everything must fall to you.

    Key to running a company successfully is delegation, and sometimes it will simply make great business sense to delegate certain tasks to those who really understand it and have the expertise to help you achieve the results you require.

    Security is certainly one such area where speaking to those with superior knowledge and experience in the field prior to making any big decisions would prove particularly beneficial.

    Invest in Your CCTV

    While DIY-installed CCTV cameras might seem a budget-friendly option, they are also far less effective than trusting a professional installer and security professionals to design a bespoke system.

    Many of the DIY options on the market are designed with domestic properties in mind, not business customers, and are not created to meet the unique challenges and requirements of the sector.

    An accredited installer with the appropriate credentials and expertise will undertake a professional site survey to identify blind spots and problem areas ensuring your CCTV is placed in optimum areas around the site you’re protecting.

    This creates both a deterrent and a record of any criminal activity which does take place.

    For an additional layer of security, you could consider opting for remote monitored CCTV, which keeps track of activities at your site 24/7 and can actively intercept burglaries or attacks by alerting the appropriate emergency response.


    Don’t Forget Burglar Alarms

    Burglar alarms remain one of the most effective – and simplest – means of protecting your business premises.

    Since so many business thefts take place outside of working hours, it can be extremely useful to invest in alarms alongside your CCTV, offering a dual approach to fighting back against criminal activity as well as acting as a deterrent.

    Few criminals want to be caught out by an effective alarm system or by high-resolution CCTV, so it’s vital not to scrimp on either of these areas.

    The Need to Assess and Reassess

    Don’t be afraid to reassess your security priorities on a regular basis.

    As technology evolves and your company grows, there may be other considerations than those you currently hold.

    Safeguarding your property requires a proactive approach which acknowledges the threats and pays close attention to how best to obviate the damage they can cause, leaving you free to focus on running the company.

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