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Getting Clear on your Starting Point

Maximising your technical security efforts begins with a clear understanding of exactly what’s needed to help optimise every stage of your security implementation.

As the UK crime rate continues to rise, more and more companies are seeking increasingly sophisticated methods of protecting what’s theirs from damage, theft and fire.

Whether you want to ensure your premises continue to

  • Operate uninterrupted
  • Safeguard expensive stock and machinery from burglary or
  • Keep employees safe

Mapping out what’s needed and where is a crucial step.

Technical Security Survey Designs are a valuable asset when it comes to making the final decision on your chosen CCTV option.

But why are they so important, and what can they contribute to your decision-making process? Let’s take a look.

Understanding Security Design

Each property has unique flaws and benefits which must be considered when it comes to designing the ideal business security solution for that space.

Where one building might benefit from a secure structure and single obvious entry point, others could be more open-plan, and therefore susceptible to different forms of attack or break-in.

It isn’t just burglary that presents a challenge, fire is another key risk factor which must be considered when designing your security plans.


Unique Building Requirements

Different buildings will see fires spread in different ways, just as different locations are susceptible to differing security breaches.

Your assets might be mostly technical, or they might be physical in the form of stock or other products stored across multiple or single areas.

Either way, the location in which you store your data, financial information and business-specific property will always be considered a desirable location to thieves, and the result of a fire spreading due to malfunctioning fire alarms can prove just as terrible for your business.

An accredited CCTV installer or security professional will be able to highlight potential weaknesses and areas of concern, consider the suitability of equipment and rule in or rule out different types of CCTV cameras based on site layout, floor plan and the building’s day-to-day operations.

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    Key Benefits of Technical Survey Security Designs

    Whilst there are many benefits to mapping out your technical security design, the most prominent factors include:

    • Increased Customisation

    Without a clear understanding of your premises (as offered via a technical security design) you cannot fully protect them.

    It might be tempting to rely on a one-size-fits-all CCTV camera and a smoke alarm, but do these really offer the layers of security your company needs and deserves?

    Consider the effort which has gone into building your business, and think of how easily that could all be lost through one mistake, one break-in, or one unfortunate natural event.

    None of us knows what’s around the corner, but we can help to mitigate the chances of break-ins by customising our security systems to their optimum ability.

    For some this will involve prominent CCTV cameras in obvious locations, scanning the perimeter and acting as both a deterrent and a record of any events which do happen.

    For others, discrete remote monitored CCTV cameras protecting key assets will be the way forward. Very often, a combination of business security measures is called for.

    While some clients might be best served by their own remote IP CCTV, others will favour a fully-monitored approach, handing over the reigns to a trusted security company and relaxing safe in the knowledge their security is in the best possible shape.

    • Increased Awareness

    Many of us simply expect our buildings are relatively safe, but until you’ve really explored the threats and barriers to increased safety, we don’t know for sure how many risks we’re taking in our day to day operations.

    Whilst some of these risks may indeed be impossible to fully control, many can be significantly reduced by the implementation of tailored security solutions.

    The first step towards this is understanding where your current strengths and weaknesses lie.

    Through this analysis, your company may decide to retain some of the control over your security system or simply outsource to professionals you have faith in, but either way, you are better placed to tackle problems when you are conscious of them.

    • A Proactive Approach

    Wouldn’t it be nice to feel you had the opportunity to prevent crime in progress, rather than simply documenting it with CCTV?
    Your security designs could uncover some fantastic ways to do just that.

    By taking a more proactive approach to your company’s technical security, you’ll discover just where you’ve been going wrong in the past.

    Further how to correct these mistakes moving forwards, giving you access to a whole world of new possibilities for your CCTV, alarms and crime prevention technology.


    How does a survey differ from an audit?

    These two terms are often misunderstood, but there is a great difference between your technical survey and auditing.

    An Audit Overview: While an audit takes account of how current measures are being implemented
    A Survey Overview: This assesses the capabilities of a space – distinct from what is currently being carried out within it.

    It doesn’t matter whether your current security system amounts to little more than one CCTV camera which hasn’t seen an update for a long time, there is a long road ahead full of possibility, and your security designs will show this, including if new cameras are required, their detection type and will be accompanied by qualified recommendations.
    Who creates my security designs?

    Mapping out your technical security survey design requires significant expertise.

    While it can be tempting to go it alone, without the security knowledge and know-how you’ll soon find yourself floundering amid the sheer possibilities, unsure what to do with your assessment materials, and how to turn them into something which is constructive, practically-led and inspiring.

    Turning to leaders in the field of security consultancy and installation helps to take some of the pressure off while ensuring the best possible end result is achieved, regardless of your unique location or requirements.

    Eager to find out more about the latest security tech for your business? Get in touch for an informal consultation with Scaitec today, and we’ll show you how to give your security measures the boost they need!