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What’s the Key Deciding Factors?

Differentiating between CCTV Monitoring and Remote View CCTV Recording can be difficult.

Both rely on the latest tech to help keep your office or other business property safe, yet there are quite a few differences between these two popular types of closed-circuit television.

Each works in a different way and gives you a different means of improving your business security.

As the UK’s crime rate continues to rise (the Office of National Statistics reports that police recorded theft increased by 11% in June 2017 and a 19% growth in violent crime compared with the previous year).

More and more companies are re-evaluating their stance on security.

This is ultimately a good thing and can help to negate loss of

  • Stock,
  • Earnings
  • Staff
  • And premises

This by either preventing criminal incidents and damage or quickly and efficiently handling any such incidents as and when they occur.

If you’re feeling confused as you weigh up your options when it comes to CCTV security systems for businesses, you’re not alone.
Let’s take a look at two of the major security products on the market –

  • Remote view CCTV


  • CCTV Monitoring

And see how they compare.


Exploring Remote View CCTV

Wanting to remotely view your CCTV feed is nothing new, but advances in modern technology have made the process much simpler and more straightforward.

The latest remote view CCTV cameras benefit from a wireless set-up which means you can keep a close eye on your CCTV security systems from anywhere, anytime.

You can even do this from your smartphone, via an app download for total convenience.

This means better peace of mind and the option to take a more hands-on approach to your security. It can be particularly helpful for small businesses seeking to secure a good business insurance quote, as the presence of CCTV will usually bring your premium down.

Remote CCTV cameras require a connected PC or another internet-based device dependent upon the particulars of the provider and system you choose.

However, opting for remote-view CCTV is not without drawbacks.

If the network fails, is hacked or falters due to poor weather, you won’t be able to view the feed.

This can leave you ultimately dependent upon reactively assessing what’s happened if something has already gone wrong, be that a theft, vandalism or some other form of damage to your premises or property.

The feeling of independence which can be gained by choosing a remote-view CCTV system is nonetheless a noted reason why many choose this path, and for some, this will be the right CCTV choice for their business.

A Closer Look at Monitored CCTV

You may have heard of remote monitored CCTV, and perhaps even have a few images in your mind when the phrase is mentioned.

Yet like most, the specifics of what is truly meant by quality, round-the-clock CCTV monitoring may not be quite what you imagine.

A remote monitored CCTV system basically means that your CCTV feed is connected to a remote monitoring station.

If you decide to have remote CCTV cameras and an intruder alarm, your burglar alarm can also be included as part of the monitoring service.

The freedom of entrusting your CCTV operations to security personnel, 24/7, 365 days a year can seem like a huge weight off your mind.

In addition, this full-time monitoring solution also ensures you are able to take a more proactive approach to security, which could be of particular interest to high-risk industries where losses could prove catastrophic and crime could cause lasting reputational damage.

With a remote monitored CCTV system, immediate action can be taken, which minimises loss and property damage if your office, warehouse or other commercial premises are targeted.

The key aspect of getting monitored CCTV right lies in selecting the right provider.

It is no use hiring professionals to take care of this vital part of your company if you don’t trust them to deliver.

By checking credentials, using an accredited CCTV monitoring service and installer and asking for testimonials where appropriate is a great way to choose a reputable provider.

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    Benefits of Remote View CCTV

    In summary, the key benefits of remote view CCTV can be defined as:

    Drawbacks of Remote View CCTV

    However, the potential problems include:

    • Need to be reactive rather than proactive, due to footage not being monitored 24/7
    • Security could be left in the hands of those with less awareness of how to deal with emergencies, should they occur
    • Lots of responsibility still weighing on the company instead of outsourcing the burden elsewhere
    • It may be hard to spot other issues, such as employees or security leaving fire doors open or unlocked on a routine basis

    Benefits of Remote Monitored CCTV

    Conversely, we can assess the key benefits of remote monitored CCTV as:

    • CCTV feeds are fed to a remote monitoring station, where they are observed 24/7
    • If an issue is detected, feeds are manually monitored, with camera operators typically able to pan the premises and zoom in for a better view.
    • A deterrent to criminal activity by allowing you to pick up visuals of any offenders as crimes are being committed.
    • Most remote monitored CCTV includes a loudspeaker so warning can be issued to intruders as crimes are being committed
    • Plenty of expertise on hand to ensure your premises remain secure both day and night.
    • A proactive approach to business safety which enables a fast and efficient response at the first sign of trouble
    • The ability to remove the burden of your security system and outsource to trusted professionals.

    Drawbacks of Remote Monitored CCTV

    Meanwhile, there are still a few negatives, such as:

    • The need to fully credential-check all security personnel as your security will be left entirely in their hands.
    • The potential for false-alarms should your security company perceive a threat.

    As with much of running your business, the security system you choose will be influenced by your company’s own unique needs.

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