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Introduction to Home Burglar Alarms and Security

Home Burglar Alarm: According to data from the Office of National Statistics, crime is on the rise, with a 13% increase leading to more than five million crimes recorded for the first time in over a decade.

What’s more, the last available Focus On Property Crime statistical bulletin cited property crime as accounting for 80% of all crime covered by the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW).

14% of households were found to be victims of domestic burglary and 17% vehicle-related theft – so don’t rule out the possibility of a thief breaking into your home looking for car keys.

Advice from the police states that homes with no security measures in place are five times more likely to be burgled than those who take simple security precautions.

Being a victim of a break-in, whether successful or not, can have much wider implications than the loss of property; though that, of course, can be distressing and expensive.

It’s very troubling knowing a stranger was in your home, moving around and sizing up which possessions to take.

It can leave a lingering sense of vulnerability and discomfort, which is why it’s so important to be proactive and ensure that you are doing all you can to protect your property with the best home burglar alarm system for your circumstances and budget.

Before you start to consider your options, it’s well worth knowing the facts about what you’re facing and why you need a burglar alarm in the first place.

Your Home May Be Vulnerable Simply Because Of Its Location

Some locations have higher incidents of burglary than others, so where you live will affect how likely you are to be targeted. The ONS data shows that, “The Metropolitan Police along with Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire and West Midlands police forces consistently account for over 40% of domestic burglaries and around 35% of all burglaries recorded by the police.”

The homes of younger adults, single parents and properties in urban areas were the most likely victims of burglary according to the ONS analysis.


Burglars will not typically pick a house at random.

They will do their research beforehand and perhaps consider a few properties.

If yours stands out because of a lack of visible security such as a burglar alarm box, you’re more likely to become a victim, especially if your neighbourhood meets those other criteria.

Whatever the motivation, a professionally installed burglar alarm, which is well maintained, visible and in good working order, will deter burglars from the off and make your home a much less appealing target.

You Want To Protect Your Valuables

The saying goes that a man’s home is his castle.

It follows then that the possessions within that home, whatever they cost, are your treasures.

Your possessions are things you have worked for, saved for, and collected over the years, and they mean a great deal both financially and emotionally.

A burglar alarm can help you protect them and the things and people you hold dear.

One of the most distressing things about being burgled is the loss of things we hold dear.

With good insurance, things like televisions, games consoles and computers can be replaced, but tallying up what’s been taken can be a saddening affair and some things can’t easily be re-bought.

Often more distressing is the loss of irreplaceable items.

Family heirlooms and keepsakes are irreplaceable.

You might be able to find a replacement, but it isn’t the same.

Unique pieces of jewellery, for example, which have been passed down from generation to generation, simply can’t be replaced.

Once taken, there’s no getting them back.

For many homeowners, this represents a huge violation.

Not just of personal space, but of family and history.

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    Your Home Burglar Alarm System Is Old and Out of Date

    You may move into a new house and notice there are a couple of rusty-looking bell boxes up on the wall, perhaps with a lifeless control panel near the front door.

    For some people, this is good enough as it gives the appearance of security.

    Vitally, it doesn’t actually provide any and potential intruders are good at spotting outdated, non-functional security systems.

    With a quick glance, many can see that an alarm is long defunct and this will encourage them to target the home.

    Similarly, if there’s a blinking light or beep emitting from the system, it can be easy to fall into a false sense of security.

    It seems to be working, so you might feel like it’s fine.

    The issue is that this might be entirely cosmetic security.

    You have no way of knowing if the security system is still functional and, if it is, how long it’s been there.

    A burglar gets to know when a system is just for show or not.

    They might test a door or window – knowing you are out – and if they don’t see or hear a response from alarms, they know the system is probably old and not fully functional.

    If you have moved into a new place, it’s worth asking the old homeowners how old their system is.

    Burglar alarms have been around for decades and what was once the best burglar alarm available may now be obsolete thanks to the introduction of the smart burglar alarm, wireless technology and improved sensors.


    Peace of Mind

    All these potential issues are easily offset, however, by the addition of the right intruder alarm system.

    There are solutions for every home, from traditional bell-only alarms to smart-home systems so there are options to suit every budget and space.

    It’s important to work out what your budget is, the functions you need and things like if you have pets, want to be alerted via text if your alarm goes off or need a wireless system.

    Working all of this out and talking to an accredited burglar alarm installer will help you get the right system to protect your home.

    No two homes are the same, and security needs are different for everyone.

    Once you know what you need and what you want you can be confident that your home is secure and protected.

    If you want to increase the security of your home and are thinking about an intruder alarm, get in touch with Scaitec Security.

    We’re fully accredited, have years of experience and can recommend the right setup for you.