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5 Factors to Consider Before Investing in Burglar Alarm System Installation

It’s a sad reality, but crime statistics show an alarming increase in burglaries in the UK. We live in an age that demands that our home security is well thought out and fit for purpose. This means spending some time and effort researching your burglar alarm system Installation needs and options before investing in a burglar alarm system installation.

Your burglar alarm is your first line of defense against potential intruders and installing one can provide peace of mind and offer a level of safety to your loved ones and your possessions. As soon as you start looking into it, though, you’ll quickly notice that the array of options available can be somewhat overwhelming.

It’s important to look at the crucial factors that need special consideration before you start to install your system. Let’s spend some time understanding the different alarm types, what you should think about when it comes to your property’s needs, and even what integrations you might be able to unlock when you make an informed decision while fortifying your home against potential threats.


The Type of burglar alarm system Installation

Perhaps the most fundamental decision you need to make is the type of burglar alarm system you’ll want to invest in because there are two different options.

At its most basic, a siren-only alarm system will emit a loud sound from a siren when triggered, alerting the occupants and neighbours to a potential intrusion. This type of alarm is useful as a deterrent to intruders and can also serve as an early-warning system of danger. Those within earshot can react to a siren sound appropriately.

Stepping up from a basic siren-only alarm system, monitored alarm systems offer another level of security by notifying a central monitoring station of the alarm being set off. You can opt for a system that is self-monitored, or you might want it to be professionally managed by a monitoring centre. This will offer rapid response capabilities too. We’ll discuss monitoring a bit later.

Other alarm systems might run side-by-side or even integrate with CCTV cameras that give you a visual view of your property should an alarm be triggered. Connecting this system to the internet gives you the ability to check on your property quickly and easily no matter where you are in the world, typically via an app.



The Size and Layout of Your Property

When it comes to assessing your property, your main goal is to ensure that the alarm system will sufficiently cover all areas and that there are no blind spots potential burglars or intruders might take advantage of. If your property has multiple points of entry, you’ll want to cover them all and do a thorough survey of the best way to do so.

Work with your alarm installer to ensure your home has comprehensive coverage, placing detectors strategically in hallways, entrances, and high-traffic zones around the property. Outdoor passive sensors, magnetic door, and window sensors, and other alarm system options should all be used for the best and most comprehensive coverage.

Larger properties might benefit from wireless alarm systems that reduce the need for extensive and unsightly wiring. Smaller properties might offer the advantage of a simpler approach.

Ultimately, getting a good handle on your property’s layout allows you to optimize the placement of alarm components, maximizing your alarm system’s efficiency in safeguarding your home.

Burglar Alarm System Installation setup

Connectivity and Smart Integration

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an explosion in the popularity of smart homes and the way they can make our lives easier. Modern burglar alarms are no different and make use of the same smart home technology that many other appliances and devices in our home use. We’ve already got CCTV cameras, but what about video doorbells and safety devices like smoke detectors?

If your home alarm system plays a role in achieving an interconnected home safety solution, it can make tasks like monitoring the batteries in your smoke alarm simpler. It also enables you to interact with your security system from anywhere, which is a pleasure when you’re away on holiday and your alarm is triggered.

Choosing an alarm system that can be integrated with existing home automation systems can give you remote control over lighting, locks, and even thermostats in one single place. If you make use of, or want to start making use of a smart home system, why not do so during a burglar alarm system installation?

Remote Monitoring Home

Monitoring Services

Monitored alarm systems are connected to a central monitoring station that receives alerts when the alarm is triggered. This allows trained professionals to assess the alarm activation and situation and take the necessary steps depending on the situation. This might be simply notifying you that your alarm has been triggered, or it might be dispatching the relevant authorities if deemed necessary.

Monitoring services do involve a subscription fee, but for a low monthly or yearly cost, it gives you 24-hour monitoring and surveillance, even if you’re unavailable or not contactable. If you are serious about your property security, making the decision to invest in a monitored alarm system service is essential, though it depends on your own personal lifestyle and whether you travel a lot or work out of town.

Budget and Long-Term Costs

Nobody likes to think about costs and budgets, but it’s a reality of installing an alarm system. Of course, safeguarding your home is a priority and you want the best system possible, considering the financial aspect of your alarm system is also important.

When planning your budget, remember that the cost of a burglar alarm system Installation is not only the initial purchase and installation. You’ll also want to factor in ongoing maintenance, monitoring fees, and upgrades you may want to make in future. Getting it right to balance your security requirements and budget is vital.

When investing in a burglar alarm system, remember that it’s an investment in the safety and security of your home. Each of the different aspects of installing an alarm system will contribute to the effectiveness of your home security and create an environment where you and your loved ones can thrive without concerns about potential threats. It can also give you a nice discount on your home insurance.


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