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Home Burglar Alarm System – Things To Know

After considering exactly why you need a traditional or wireless home burglar alarm system and weighing up your burglar alarm options, it’s time to find an installer.

That also means considering the cost, deciding on service and maintenance and selecting your local burglar alarm system installer.

Making a choice and setting a data is a good feeling.

Whether you’ve decided on a wireless option, conventional or something else, now is the time to get it in place and enhance the security of your home.

It’s important to bear in mind all the important factors that have led to this decision and what it means for your home.

You will feel safe in the knowledge that everything you hold dear, and your very home itself, will be secure and protected.


If you’ve chosen a conventional home burglar alarm system then you will need to plan for the installation.

This will mean your installer will probably need to do some drilling and access both the interior and exterior of your home.

If you have pets that don’t like loud noises, it’s probably best to put them somewhere quiet away from the installation.

The best installation companies will be fully accredited and trained, installing a conventional system with as little disruption and damage as possible.

Some drilling into masonry is likely, but a good technician will find the right spots and always leave ensuring your home looked as good as it did when they arrived.


A wireless burglar alarm kit is much less invasive than a wired set up and will consist of the installation technician finding the right spots for your sensors, keypad and central unit.

They will work with you to find the most convenient spots and the places that provide the best level of coverage.

They will also assess the right entry points for window and door sensors, looking at the same things a potential intruder would to mitigate the most vulnerable spots.

If you’ve opted for a speech dialler function, your technician will also set this up and input the numbers you want it to notify.

Similarly, if you have key holder alarm monitoring and police response, this will also be put in place when the alarm is up and running.

You should always end the installation process knowing exactly what your system is, what it will do if it activates and any other information you might need to know.

The Proactive Price

The reason many homeowners don’t install security measures such as a home burglar alarm system is because they are wary of the outlay.

This is understandable, as it can feel like a big expense to mitigate against something that might not happen.

But this is the exact same reason people buy insurance.

You never know when something will happen, but it could.

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    It’s important to think about a burglar alarm system as a proactive measure.

    The price of a security system is nothing compared to the fallout from a burglary.

    That not only involves losing goods like computers, televisions and games consoles, but also irreplaceable items like unique jewellery and family keepsakes.

    These are the things that can’t just be purchased again.

    They have a value beyond money and a home burglar alarm system protects them.

    There’s no price that can be put on security and peace of mind.

    Service and Maintenance

    Regular servicing is vitally important and you’ll need to factor this in and get a burglar alarm maintenance contract in place when you’re arranging your installation.

    Indeed, those systems that incorporate police notification capabilities must be serviced at least twice a year.

    Many insurance companies will also insist on once-yearly, as they want to know your system is fully functional and maintained by an accredited company.

    Aside from these factors, it’s important for another reason – peace of mind.

    You need to know that your home and your belongings are as safe as they can be.

    There’s little point having a security system if it’s just an inert box on the exterior of the house.

    Regular maintenance and servicing will also enable you to assess and make additions to your home burglar alarm system.

    In the case of wireless installs, this is extremely easy and you can even add new, different sensors if you need to.


    Go Local

    This is one of the most important parts of the installation process.

    You need to be sure that the company installing and maintaining your alarm is nearby and there when you need them.

    Servicing and maintenance will likely fall by the wayside if the installation company is far away.

    But there’s another reason.

    Should the worst happen, and an intruder does enter your home, you need to know that the response will be quick and comprehensive.

    Going with a local company means their response centre is nearby and help can be dispatched as quickly as possible.

    Installing a burglar alert system is about feeling secure, and that is what going with a local, accredited company will provide.

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