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Commercial Burglar Alarm System – An Introduction

The commercial burglar alarm system has come along way to help a business protect whats most important to them.

We know running a business is stressful enough without the added and potentially hugely disruptive issue of dealing with a break-in.

A breach in security can mean employee safety fears, huge losses of equipment, hardware and tools, and an unwelcome increase in business insurance costs.

For many businesses, the cost of dealing with the fallout of a break-in is more than the burglar alarm system price itself.

Read on to find out why your business needs to install a burglar alarm system.


Small Expense Now, Or Bigger Expense Later

It is often hard to find the time to consider things like security.

Day-to-day affairs take priority and the focus is on keeping customers happy and the sales rolling in.

That’s totally understandable. But no business truly understands the value of a robust burglar alarm system until it is too late.

Most modern businesses will now have a good stock of valuable IT equipment within its walls – and that’s a tempting target for a burglar.

It’s easy to move and it’s all in one place. What can be even more crippling to a business is the loss of expensive equipment and tools.

These are prime targets for criminals, who prize branded goods that can be sold on the internet for a quick profit.

For the business, this is more than an inconvenience; there’s the cost to replace what could be a vital piece of kit but also the time needed to do so.

Meanwhile, your business could very well grind to a halt, which means cancelled jobs and loss of earnings.

An initial outlay on a burglar alarm system puts all these concerns to bed.

It’s a matter of a small, self-justifying expense now, or a huge, messy expense later.

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    Insurance Considerations

    Of course, replacing lost equipment and IT hardware is not the only fallout if there’s a break in at your place of business.

    There is a knock-on effect for your insurance policy too.

    If you are lacking adequate security and fall prey to burglars, the cost of insurance can spiral upwards, placing more pressure on your business finances.

    It’s the bane of every burglary victim’s life that, when they are burgled, they must foot the bill in the form of higher insurance premiums.

    It doesn’t seem fair, but it’s the way it is. Even worse, if your business is in the unfortunate position of falling victim to repeated burglaries, you may find you are uninsurable.

    This can have all kinds of knock-on effects as the business moves forward, leading to major issues that would not be present had a suitable commercial burglar alarm system been fitted.


    Some businesses may even find themselves forced into researching burglar alarm technology by an insurer, as a caveat for ongoing coverage.

    This takes the choice out of your hands and you may end up with a system you don’t like and isn’t tailored to your needs.

    In the long run, this means maintaining and working with a set-up that isn’t as effective or economical as it could be.

    All for the want of a small initial outlay.

    Having a robust security system in place is the best way to mitigate these potential issues and take care of your business’s future.

    You get to decide what you want, and you decide the company you want it from.

    Be Secure, Be Informed

    All of this sounds bad – and it is- but it doesn’t have to come to pass.

    With a little research and assessment, you can find the right burglar alarm system for your needs.

    A burglar alarm cost-benefit analysis will reveal just how much you can save by investing in a good security system.

    Taking into account lost equipment and hikes in insurance, this will lay bare the reasons for a little outlay before the worst happens.

    Assessing your business property – the potential weak spots any intruder might gain access via, for example – will help you craft an idea of the type of security solutions you need.

    This might take the form of a wireless set-up or a traditional bell-only security system.

    As you’ll want to know if your business is under threat, a burglar alarm with dialler capabilities might be in order.

    This technology will inform a pre-set roster of people via phone or text if there is a suspected security breach, so you can rest easy knowing you always have an eye on the place.

    Other options include monitoring contracts, so you know a central station is always there if the worst should happen.

    Whatever the right solution is for your business, it’s vital to take the matter in hand and mitigate the potential problem of intruders before it becomes a reality.

    If you’re still not sure whether or not you need a burglar alarm for your business or, you need help with selecting the best burglar alarm system for your commercial premises, Contact Scaitec.

    You’re guaranteed to receive expert, informed advice tailored to your firm’s needs.