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Installing a commercial burglar alarm is essential in today’s business environment.

Recent figures from the ONS have shown just how vulnerable UK businesses are to burglary. learn how to protect your business finding the right security option for your business takes time, but it’s also important to get it on-site and doing its job as quickly as possible.

Recent figures from the Office of National Statistics have shown just how vulnerable UK businesses are to burglary.

And businesses, once targeted, are more likely than homes to be repeat victims.

So, you’re about to make the decision and arrange the installation of your commercial burglar alarm system.

What should you know at this point?

Speed Matters – But So Does The System Design

Every business is short of time. The day-to-day bustle of running a company is full of tasks that pull you in every direction all at once.

If you’ve done your homework and found a local burglar alarm installation company like Scaitec, they’ll be able to take some of the weight off your shoulders by ensuring a timely installation of the best burglar alarm system for your business.


Before any commercial burglar alarm or security system is installed, a site visit should be carried out.

This allows the installation team to see your premises and identify any weak spots or areas of concern, the design a system that suits.

They will see things as a potential intruder sees them.

They will go floor-by-floor and cover every entry and exit, determining the right burglar alarm system as well as making a decision as to the kind of burglar alarm and the amount of equipment needed.

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    The Small Price Now, The Bigger Price Later

    The reasons so many businesses fall prey to intruders are two-fold.

    Businesses represent a gold-mine to the everyday burglar.

    They know there will lots of valuable IT equipment on site, and maybe even valuable tools for a quick re-sell.

    The second reason is that many businesses put off installing a quality intruder alarm system because it seems like an avoidable expense.
    However, this is short-sighted.

    The cost of a burglary is far higher than that of an intruder alarm system.

    Not only does the business face losing goods it needs for its day-to-day operations, insurance premiums will likely rise.

    Many insurance companies – especially if you have been targeted multiple times by burglars – will no longer offer insurance.

    And this means all kinds of long-term issues for your business.

    All of these things combined make the cost of installing an intruder security system pale in comparison to the real cost of a burglary.

    Servicing and Maintenance

    You should have a service and maintenance plan in place before your installer leaves your premises.

    It’s also key to nail down what warranty is included, what services you are entitled to, and recourse if things don’t work as they should.

    Any good, accredited installation company will make this clear and offer maintenance visits that fit with your business’s schedule.


    If you have opted for a security system that involves police response, it’s actually mandated that you have your commercial burglar alarm system serviced at least twice a year.

    The police don’t like coming out multiple times to a business with a faulty alarm, and it’s likely they will stop coming altogether.

    Many insurance companies also insist that businesses have a service programme in place and all components are looked over once a year.

    It’s great having a good intruder alert system, but no good if it doesn’t go off when you need it the most.

    Most insurers will also be very insistent that your security installation company is SSAIB accredited.

    If they aren’t, an insurer will likely not accept the installation.

    It’s worth doing it the right way and covering yourself from every angle.

    Security and Peace of Mind

    Ultimately, this is what having the best burglar alarm you can install is all about.

    You want to protect your business and make your employees feel safe.

    You want to make sure intruders can’t find a way in and, if they do, your equipment works as it should, with the appropriate response.

    The way to do this is by choosing a local company, having a bespoke commercial burglar alarm system designed for you, installation carried out by an accredited burglar alarm installation company and a fixed, thorough service.

    Scaitec has been installing burglar alarms for business clients since 2005. Contact us now to find out more about our security solutions.