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Home Burglar Alarm Reviews and Systems

Burglar alarm reviews is a great way to help weigh up the options you have for home burglar alarm systems, there are a number of factors you’ll need to consider outside of a traditional review.

Deciding how much you want to spend, the layout of your home and the security level you want are some of the more obvious decisions to be made but then there’s the choice of wired or wireless and perimeter versus conventional.

It is also important to think about what the alarm system will actually do if it is set off activated.

Do you want to be notified?

Do you have a preferred list of people that will receive the call or text?

Modern burglar alarm systems are capable of a great deal so it’s important to define the features you want.


Conventional Alarms

If you want to know if an intruder is attempting to gain entry to your home – or if you want the wider world to know about it – having a conventional burglar alarm installation will do the job.

They work in conjunction with sensors that can detect when a window or door seal is broken.

However, within that, there are different types of sensors for different situations.

A passive infrared detector, for example, is one of the most common sensors used.

It detects changes in heat in a given area and communicates this back to the control panel.

If activated, they will oversee a particular space – your living room, let’s say – and know if an intruder enters that space.

They are reliable and almost impossible to fool.

Your average burglar is not going to be able to disguise his heat signature and hide it from the sensor.

If a sensor is activated, the alarm will sound.

This is usually a bell-type sound, shrill and loud enough to make an intruder turn tail and leave the premises.

This is an attractive option when you consider the increasing burglary rate and fact that having visible burglar alarm systems means you’re five times less likely to become a victim.

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    Perimeter Alarms

    If you have a big garden or surrounding area and are conscious that this a vulnerable point of entry for trespassers, perimeter alarms can be a good solution.

    Perimeter alarms have shock sensors on each entry point which work on Pre-entry detection and alerts you to the unauthorised, attempted opening of windows and doors before someone enters, these can be expanded upon should you extend the property at any time.

    Sensors provide peace of mind so that intruders who attempt to gain entry to your home are detected.

    The sensors will sit discreetly on your windows and doors, automatically sending an alert if they are opened or have impact made against them.

    Wireless Alarms

    One of the biggest issues for many people who want burglar alarm systems installed is the worry of heavy-duty work and damage to the interior and exterior of the home.

    With a wireless alarm system, this problem disappears and no drilling, wiring or cabling is required.

    It’s therefore, often a less disruptive way to get home burglar alarm systems installed.

    This kind of system uses battery-powered sensors and interacts with the alarm control panel using radio signals.

    They are very reliable and generally less visible than conventional ‘bell-only’ alarm setups.

    They’re also very convenient as they’re easy and quick to install and uninstall.

    So, if you move to a new house, you have a security solution to take with you and no sunken cost you must leave behind.

    If the system is set off by an intruder, it behaves as a conventional alarm would, emitting sound and alerting you to the problem.

    Wireless alarms are also very adaptable, so you can add new sensors, door and window contacts and other features easily.

    Speech Diallers and Key Holder Alarm Monitoring

    If you want to know when your alarm is triggered, a speech dialler is a good solution.

    Contained inside the alarm, it will call or text the number(s) you input.

    This means you can know, wherever you are, when the system is set off.

    It’s a great function and allows for more peace of mind when away from home.

    If you’re on holiday, for example, you can always alert someone else and have them check on your home.

    Key holder alarm monitoring is slightly different.

    If these burglar alarm systems go off, a central receiving centre will be notified.

    The staff present can then either respond in person or contact nominated key holders.

    These are people within 20-minutes of your property and, as you may have guessed, have a key to gain access.

    This is another great example of modern connectivity making it easier to keep your home safe and secure.


    Smart Alarms

    There are plenty of burglar alarm reviews especially with the rise of smart, connective homes and this has become a security solution for the modern age.

    In this case, you will be notified via smartphone or tablet when your smart burglar alarm recognises a potential intruder.

    It is possible to interface with your alarm system from virtually everywhere, checking that everything is as it should be and still going about your daily life.

    This is a good solution if you want to know as soon as there is an issue, and there are numerous apps for iPhone and Android phones that integrate seamlessly with this technology.

    Servicing and Maintenance

    Many insurers will insist that burglar alarm systems are well maintained and serviced at least once a year.

    Alarms that alert the police require servicing twice a year.

    It’s also a good idea if you want a robust and monitored system to regularly maintain everything via an accredited company in the field.

    Your installer will be able to advise on your burglar alarm systems maintenance contract.

    If you’re considering your home alarm options, contact Scaitec.

    We can provide expert help and advice to ensure you get the right burglar alarm for your property.