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Why do you need an intruder alarm system?

It goes without saying how important it is to feel safe and secure in your own home, but unfortunately in this day and age burglaries aren’t an uncommon occurrence. It is easy to assume it will never happen to you, but having an intruder alarm fitted into your property will give you the piece of mind to go about your daily life worry free.

Police studies have shown that a well fitted and maintained burglar alarm makes you less likely to become the victim of a break in. If this isn’t enough to convince you that it’s time to have an intruder alarm system fitted, then there’s also the fact that some insurance companies will offer reduced home insurance premiums for those with extra security in place, such as an alarm system.


What type of alarm do you need for home security?

There is no definite answer for which alarm system is best for you, as there are many factors to consider. You need to consider which alarm system will work with the layout of your home, what your budget is for the system and installation of the system, and also the level of security you require. You can opt for either a wired or wireless intruder alarm system, however wireless ones are much more popular today as they fit subtly into your home without ruining your décor.

To find the best level of security for your budget, speak to one of our professional team on 01709 761007, or see your options below.

Bells only –

As the name suggests, a bells-only intruder alarm lets off a loud sound when a break in is detected. There are two common types of bells-only alarm systems: Trap Protection and Perimeter Alarm Protection.


Trap Protection –

This type of bells-only alarm detects movement inside your property while the system is armed, making them a go to low-cost alarm system for homes. They are also ideal for properties such as holiday homes, which are often unoccupied for long periods of time.


Perimeter Alarm Protection –

Unlike trap protection alarms, a perimeter alarm detects a break in from both the inside and outside of your property. It does this using contact sensors on external doors, and shock sensors on windows and other openings such as patio doors, to detect when someone is breaking in before they even enter the property.


These alarms aren’t the most secure out of all your options, however a combination of Trap and Perimeter protection can be ideal for those on a lower budget and with homes that are considered lower-risk (the risk factor can be determined by the amount of contents or valuables it holds). It’s important to consider however that we all hold important things in our home, whether they are valuable in monetary terms or whether they hold sentimental value, which is why you may want to read on to find out about all your options before deciding which is right for you.

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Smart Home Notification –

This type of burglar alarm allows you to get alarm alerts, images and messages straight to your phone using an easy to navigate app. This adds extra security to your home, as it allows you to return to your property, or call for extra help if you are away from home.


Key Holder Alarm Monitoring –

If you opt for a Key Holder Alarm Monitoring System, your chosen security company will be notified of a potential break in, and will then either respond themselves by visiting your property and making sure everything is as it should be, or they will contact your nominated key holders who should be within 20 minutes of your property and will have access.

Here at Scaitec Security Solutions Ltd, our dedicated team are always on hand to respond to any potential burglaries. This system takes the pressure off you when a potential break in occurs, knowing the security of your home is left in safe hands, and that we will ensure your property is safe even if you are not in the area. Our fast response, professionalism and dedication is what makes us stand out as the ideal security company for your home – get in touch on 01709 761007 to get started today.


Police Response –

Providing the highest level of security, a Police Response intruder alarm system means that not only will our receiving centre be notified of an alarm trigger, but the police will also be contacted by the monitoring station. A speedy response from the emergency service can ensure your property is secure within minutes, which is why Police Response alarms are so popular amongst homeowners with valuable items in their property. Here at Scaitec Security Solutions Ltd, we are registered with the local authorities to offer a police response, for more information speak to one of our friendly team today.

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