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Go to Google and type in ‘burglar alarm installer near me’ and you’d likely be presented with hundreds of options.

Keep in mind though, that as with any profession, not all companies are created equal when it comes to the service, experience and accreditations they offer.

Many companies will arrive, install a system and be gone.

This is no good when it comes to maintaining and servicing your home or business burglar alarm system.

It also means you don’t have support when you need it the most – if an intruder should attempt, or successfully, gain access to your premises or if your burglar alarm breaks down just before you’re due to go on holiday.

Scaitec has been providing burglar alarm systems to home and business clients for more than 15 years. Read on for our top tips for choosing a firm for your burglar alarm installation.

Start with the reviews

As we have already mentioned, a quick search in Google will turn up dozens and dozens of possibilities.

The best way to narrow that down is to start with the reviews.

Research shows that 8 out of 10 shoppers trust online reviews as much as they do a personal recommendation – so if your friends and family can’t recommend a burglar alarm installation company for your home (C7) or have never used a burglar alarm installation company for their office (C8) online reviews are just as helpful.

You’ll obviously want to look for strong ratings and the more five stars you see the better.

A note of caution though, one or two less than five star reviews shouldn’t put you off entirely if everything else adds up and looks good.

In fact, a couple of average reviews is actually a sign that the reviews are genuine, rather than faked.

Many alarm installation and security companies fall down at this hurdle, more concerned with the immediate sale than long-term reputation.

As well as having a strong history and being fully accredited, it’s ultimately the results that matter.

Scaitec has lots of five-star Google reviews and customer testimonials from both domestic and commercial clients and you can find some of them right here.

Look for accreditations

Having a burglar alarm installed can often reduce your insurance premiums but, your insurance provider will often stipulate that the burglar alarm installation company is accredited by a specific body, such as the SSAIB.

These industry accreditations are important because they show you that the company you choose both meets and exceeds industry standards.

Scaitec is SSAIB accredited and as part of this certification, our equipment and installations are routinely independently checked and staff trained to a certain level.

The Right Solution for You

Many security companies will push the most expensive burglar alarm system that they have.

It’s not about the right thing for your home or business, it’s about their bottom line. Scaitec doesn’t work this way.

The key to our happy and satisfied customer base is in our turnkey approach.

We offer a tailored, bespoke service and we always base our recommendations around finding the best solution for your budget and your property.

We know that sometimes, the costliest option will be overkill so we won’t over sell you.

Likewise, premium solutions using the very latest technology may be exactly what your business premises demand.

We’ll provide you with a solution that fits, either way.

If you’re looking for a home burglar alarm system (C1), Scaitec will consider your budget, the layout of your home and your preferences.

We’ll work with you to deliver the burglar alarm system that is the right one for you.

We recognise that you need to feel confident with the system you have, so you feel secure and safe at home and we’ll provide options for service and monitoring to keep your alarm working properly.

When dealing with a commercial burglar alarm installation (C8), we’ll perform a detailed risk analysis assessment and site survey.

What this means is that a trained and professional installation engineer will survey every entry and exit, every window and every floor of your premises.

They will find the same weak points that an intruder would find, mitigating against these and ensuring total security.

They will also help you understand and set up your burglar alarm system, developing different levels of access for employees and generally ensuring you’re as knowledgeable as possible about your new security system.

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    Comprehensive, Modern Solutions

    Because Scaitec knows there is no one solution for home and business security, we carry a range of different systems.

    From traditional bell-only alarms to wireless alarm products, we offer an extensive level of choice and the very latest equipment from trusted brands.

    You can also rest easy knowing that Scaitec has a powerful and always manned monitoring station.

    If you choose security options like speech dialler – a device inside the alarm which calls or texts numbers of your choosing in the event of an intruder – you know that a Scaitec operative is there and ready to act.

    Additionally, Scaitec is fully endorsed and connected with local police authorities.

    If you decide on police response capabilities for your home or business burglar alarm system, it’s a comforting thought knowing that emergency services will be alerted in the case of a break-in.