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A Business Burglar Alarm – What Are Your Options?

Picking the right business burglar alarm options for your business can depend on several factors.

It’s one of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to safeguarding your business premises and commercial possessions.

Recent crime statistics show businesses are at greater risk of theft and robbery than ever before.

What’s more, you’re also more likely to be targeted multiple times, making a business burglar alarm a critical investment.

Picking the right burglar alarm system if vital not only for protecting your hardware, products and systems but also for keeping insurance costs down and ensuring employees feel safe and secure at work.

Types of Protection

No two businesses are the same so there won’t be a simple out of the box solution that gives you all of the business security you need.

There are many things to consider, including the layout of your office or warehouse, the number of rooms, doors and windows, the type of access and number of people with access.

If you want to know when an intruder has gained access to your business, having a speech dialler is an important function.

In-built to the alarm, this will notify you – and any other people you program into the system – via text or phone call the instant something is amiss.

Key holder alarm monitoring will send a call to a receiving centre if the alarm is set.

The receiving centre can then contact your nominated keyholders or respond themselves to the alarm.

Key holders need to be within 20-minutes of the business in order to make the system worthwhile.


Along the same lines of immediate action, police response does exactly what it says on the tin.

The receiving centre will be notified by your alarm system and, alongside this, the alarm monitoring station will also contact the police.

There is a double safeguard here, whereby two indicators need to be activated in order for the call to go out.

It’s important to note that should you choose this route, you will need to have your burglar alert system serviced and maintained at least twice a year to avoid false notifications being sent to the police – your business burglar alarm installer can set this up for you to ensure compliance.

If you do require a police response, you’ll also need to choose an NSI certified installer.

Protect Your Business

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    Bespoke Solutions

    Unlike most homes, where a general approach with some specific elements tailored to layout is possible, businesses require more of an in-depth and bespoke approach when having a burglar alarm system designed and installed.

    This is because many businesses have multiple floors, entry and exit points, and more space in general to consider and cover.

    Businesses also have more assets in terms of IT hardware and valuable tools that require protection, as these are big targets for burglars.

    A full site survey will help you to assess the risks and devise a suitable solution in accordance with those findings.

    There is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach.


    Choosing The Right Installer

    When it comes to finding the right company to supply and install your business burglar alarm, it pays to be picky.

    For example, many insurers will not accept your burglar alarm set-up as valid unless it has been installed by a company with SSAIB accreditation.

    Insurers are aware that there are many companies out there able to do a cheap, sub-par job.

    This, in turn, makes your business more vulnerable to intruders and burglary.

    Insurance companies are understandably reticent to pick up the tab for a poorly done security job.

    SSAIB accreditation is an industry standard and shows insurers that the supplier you have chosen is able to meet or exceed their requirements.

    It’s also highly recommended that you go local when choosing someone to install your burglar alarm system.

    The reason for this is two-fold: you will always be able to find them if they don’t do the best job possible, and it’s much easier to arrange servicing and maintenance appointments when the company is nearby.

    As we’ve seen, regular maintenance is important for many reasons and it pays to have a trusted, local company there when you need them.

    In order to find the best solution for your business burglar alarm system needs, contact Scaitec.

    Fully accredited, professional and dedicated, we will perform a rigorous analysis of your business and recommend the best security solution.