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Having the best CCTV system options available to you is essential for your business security.

With so much already invested, you want to ensure your company stays safe and has the right protection.

It’s no wonder CCTV system usage has risen, with over 5.9 million CCTV cameras in operation throughout the UK alone.

Yet when searching for perfect CCTV system for your needs, you feel you are being bombarded with information.

How do you know how to decipher what it all means?

Very few business owners are experts in security.

Which is why they rely on the expertise of security personnel, ensuring their business premises remain free from criminal damage.

There are many different varieties of CCTV to choose from.

But of course, not all of them will suit the needs of all business customers or your own unique business security options.

Understanding the needs of the commercial CCTV sector

Whilst residential customers are increasingly turning to CCTV to monitoring their own properties, the needs of the business and commercial sector are distinct.

Therefore in many ways, these needs are also heightened.

Business premises are often left for extended periods of time unattended.

During anti-social hours is when crime and damage could easily go unnoticed.

Getting your security system in the best possible shape, including installing optimum CCTV measures helps mitigate crime.

By using an accredited business security installer, is the best way to negate the loss of stock, earnings and damage to the premises themselves.

While the initial financial outlay of a CCTV system might seem like a barrier, rest assured there is a security solution for you somewhere amidst the options available.


Benefits of Digital Recorded CCTV

Digital interfaces and recording are now the accepted basic standard for CCTV, allowing customers the chance to record footage ready for playback at a convenient time.

Whilst there are many benefits to this method, there are also disadvantages.

The ability to record footage does not prevent incidents from occurring in real time, and neither does it alert the correct authorities.

Therefore, opting to record onto a DVR format makes preventing crime or damage to your commercial property difficult.

Although the presence of any CCTV system can still work as a form of business insurance by deterring criminal behaviour.

Another benefit of digital DVR is that the higher end of the market tends to be accompanied by a reasonable picture quality, which enables simple playback in high resolution.

This makes an analysis of days or weeks of footage more straightforward than has previously been possible with older forms of CCTV.

However, many ‘off the shelf’ varieties of CCTV use too much image compression.

This results in poor image quality which can be a hindrance when attempting to understand the cause of an incident or identify perpetrators behind the criminal activity.

Benefits of Monitored CCTV Surveillance

Monitored CCTV represents the evolution of security solutions.

Instead of relying on simply recording footage of your designated site, remote monitored CCTV provides extra peace of mind thanks to the added layer of security.

This means your CCTV feed can be monitored 24 hours a day in a live stream.

Alternatively via motion sensor monitoring which alerts the authorities or your security personnel if a movement is detected at your site.

IP surveillance generally includes a good quality image, any accredited business security installer worth their salt will be able to talk you through the best locations for placing your cameras.

Often this takes place during the technical security survey which is essential prior to install.

IP CCTV can send and receive vital data via an internet connection and is fast becoming a popular choice for savvy business owners eager to ensure their premises remain safe and secure.

Monitoring allows the chance for criminal activity to be detected while it is still in progress, and for the appropriate emergency response to be issued in the case of burglary, fire or criminal damage.

In the last few years, the camera tech with IP surveillance has improved immeasurably, allowing for higher definitions and greater levels of customisation.

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    Benefits of Using CCTV & Alarms Together

    Opting to install an alarm alongside your CCTV security cameras helps to alleviate many a business owner’s concerns, as well as providing a clear crime deterrent to criminals.

    A 2015 study by the Royal Statistical Society found that alarms presented the most effective means of safeguarding a property.

    Used in conjunction with a high-grade CCTV set-up or remote CCTV monitoring, this effect can be further enhanced without the need to appear fortress-like or affect the aesthetics and everyday operations of your commercial buildings.

    In many cases, closed circuit cameras cannot reliably provide the only layer of security for a business, and are instead joined by a fire alarm or security alarm.

    This provides a thoroughly proactive approach to commercial security which both documents incidents via video capture and ensures these same incidents are met with emergency services at the earliest detection.

    Choosing Custom Installation

    Security expertise is an area of protecting a business which can seem like an unnecessary cost until it is required – and yet the drive to protect what’s yours is supported by some sobering statistics.

    The latest rise in crimes such as burglary and theft is the largest in a decade, with crime in the UK up by 10% since 2016.

    It’s no wonder more and more business owners are choosing professional commercial CCTV installations over DIY solutions.

    A reputable installer will be able to explain to you the key pressure points within your property and discuss with you the assets you should be particularly focused on protecting.

    Whilst some business owners still choose to self-install, this opens them up to a heightened chance of falling victim to crime.

    In addition, the risk their off-the-shelf CCTV installation could falter or fail to work at the time they need it most.

    Open-plan industrial sites could be particularly prone to incurring costs through loss of stock or risks to employee safety.

    These are risks which can be negated significantly through carefully selecting and installing security which has been tailor-made with the specific location in mind.

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