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Fire Extinguishers

Are you meeting your fire Safety responsibilities?

Scaitec Fire & Security Solutions can assist you with every aspects of your fire safety equipment and safety. Tackling a small fire with a fire extinguisher could make the difference between a small incident and a full scale disaster. Fire Extinguishers are essential for the protection of your business and the safety of your staff and visitors.

A Fire happens when three things are in the same place at the same time:

  1. Fuel (something to burn—such as wood or coal).
  2. Oxygen (usually from the air).
  3. Heat.

A fire will burn when all these things are present; it will stop when at least one of them is removed.

A fire extinguisher is quite like a giant aerosol can, often with two different substances inside. One of them is a solid, liquid, or gas substance for fighting the fire. The other one is called a propellant and is a pressurized chemical that makes the fire-fighting substance come out when you press the extinguisher handle. There are three main types of extinguisher and they work in slightly different ways:

  • Water extinguishers – These work by removing heat from the fire.
  • Dry chemical extinguishers – These work by smothering the fire.
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) extinguishers – These work in two ways it smothers the oxygen and because it is so cold it also removes the heat.

It’s important to always use the right extinguisher. Using the wrong extinguisher can put lives in danger or make the fire worse.

Scaitec Fire & Security Solutions supply, install and maintain a full range of portable fire extinguishers to ensure you are fully compliant with the recent fire safety regulations. All our extinguishers are Kite marked and BAFE approved. They are stamped CE and installed to the British Standard BS 5306 – 8:2003. The team of engineers will advise you on the best possible fire safety equipment that is required for your needs. The type of fire extinguishers you need will depend on the type of premises you have and the nature of the work being carried out.

Fire extinguishers require stringent maintenance to ensure they will work when needed, and more importantly are safe. Fire extinguishers are pressurised vessels that can explode when corroded or damaged. The National Fire Protection Agency code says portable fire extinguishers should be inspected monthly and should undergo thorough maintenance once a year. The monthly check can be carried out by a designated responsible person in your business.


How to do a Monthly Check

Scaitec Fire & Security Solutions can guide you through the process. The things you need to check include:

  • Access: ensure nothing is blocking access to the extinguishers.
  • Visibility: you can’t use a fire extinguisher if you can’t find it.
  • Check tamper seal: check the seal during inspection to ensure this is still in-tact.
  • Look at the pull pin: check the pull pin is still inserted in the handle.
  • Pressure: ensure the pressure gauge needle indicates that the pressure is in the proper operating range.
  • Damage: check to ensure there is no obvious physical damage, corrosion or other age related wear.
  • Shake a dry chemical extinguisher once a month
  • Ensure that the extinguisher is maintained by a professional.

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Annual Professional Maintenance

Different types of fire extinguishers require different types of testing and maintenance. Scaitec Fire & Security Solutions are professionals in the field and will conduct such maintenance in accordance with British Standard BS 5306. Annual inspections are recommended, or more frequent for high risk locations or corrosive environments. The inspection will involve a detailed inspection of every fire extinguisher. Identification of those extinguishers that need replacing, depressurising or replacement parts.

Don’t wait for your local authorities to threaten you with legal action call Scaitec Fire & Security solutions on 01709 761007. Let us take care of all your fire safety equipment requirements.

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