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There are countless benefits to entrusting your property to the secure and high-tech solution of remote monitored CCTV.

As well as providing you with unrivalled peace of mind, this form of CCTV is distinct from many other varieties because it has a continuous live stream.

Live streams can be monitored via a secure internet connection or by professional monitoring courtesy of security professionals in a secure location.

Depending on your specific needs, the footage from your camera could be set up to remain live on a 24/7 loop, helping to secure your business property against any hazards which might concern you.

Whether you’re fearful of fire damage, intruders or even natural disasters, remotely monitored CCTV could provide the perfect answer for your business and your own peace of mind.

Naturally, remotely monitored CCTV is not the only possibility for business owners – and the marketplace is filled with an abundance of possibilities for the security-savvy to keep their premises safe and secure.

Many can also alert the appropriate authorities should an emergency occur.

It is crucial you select the correct CCTV for your company after assessing all of the options open to you, whether they are determined by sector, location or budget.

What CCTV Options Do I Have?

It makes sense to want to place your business security in the best possible hands.

This means thoroughly researching all of your CCTV options, to ensure both the best solution and the best possible deal on this solution at the outset.

CCTV for business is distinct from home security in that it often requires a more proactive and all-encompassing (yet still flexible) approach than the one-size-fits-all CCTV which is usually recommended for domestic properties.

Remote surveillance capabilities should be a key component of your business CCTV, due to the high value and risk associated with guarding business premises, yet your CCTV options do not end there.

A quick observation of many commercial properties will show you some of the different varieties open to business owners.

From the sleek wall-mounted systems which ensure they don’t attract too much-unwanted attention, to more robust, all-weather varieties which can handle anything Mother Nature has to offer.

Another key consideration is the clarity and resolution of the camera.

However outwardly impressive a CCTV kit may appear, unless it is able to record in high resolution it will present a number of practical challenges upon implementation.

Not least of these challenges is being able to offer useful footage in the event of a break in or another breach.

CCTV VS Burglar Alarms – Do I Need Both?

The matter of ensuring the best security for your needs requires much more thought and consideration than some of the simple ‘one size fits all’ solutions which many businesses will have found themselves confronted with at one time or another.

CCTV makes for a significant deterrent for criminal activity, showing potential burglars that their activity is not only being detected but observed and recorded.

This makes the thought of remote monitoring particularly appealing and resonant.

It can help to save a significant sum of money which could otherwise be spent on replenishing lost property and repairing damage caused by a burglary.

This does not mean burglar alarms have become outdated.

The dual possibilities of both remotely monitored CCTV in the hands of security professionals and a functional burglar alarm are potentially very significant.

You may even want to consider the possibility of pairing remote viewing CCTV security with a burglar alarm.

Burglar alarms can, like CCTV, be monitored making them much more efficient than the system you may be used to at home.

This is particularly of interest if your business is located in a remote area where there might not be others nearby to be alerted by the alarm bell should it go off.

A professionally installed and monitored security kit can include both state-of-the-art remote CCTV cameras and a secure burglar alarm to enable identification and swift handling of the cause of any such alert via the CCTV feed and alarm.

Simple Ways to Improve Your Business Security

Improving the security of your business need not be complicated.

All that is required is a straightforward assessment of your requirements.

Once this is understood it can be followed by a clear-minded look at the products available on the market which address your firm’s particular security concerns.

Businesses of all sizes and industries can benefit from the latest CCTV technology and put it to use to safeguard their assets, regardless of budget or scale.

CCTV security is a must in today’s business landscape,

Remote monitored CCTV offers an added layer of security by ensuring your footage is monitored and accessible.

This enables a proactive approach rather than simply relying on a recording to demonstrate break-ins or damage after the effect by which point the business will already be struggling with the consequences of the damage caused.

  • Ensuring one trusted member of staff is designated as overseeing security measures, this gives a clear point of contact at all times.
  • A regular review of your security technology is also a must of course, and the appropriate maintenance to ensure all aspects of procedure and kit remain in perfect working order non-negotiable.
  • Keyless access and smoke bombs
  • Monitored perimeter fencing
  • Intercom-only access for doors

All of the above are worth considering based on your circumstances. If you are unsure, schedule a Site Security Survey with a professional security consultant.

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    Stand Alone vs. Monitored CCTV

    The security system you select to safeguard your business is one of the most important decisions you can make when ensuring the ongoing safety of your premises.

    Even a fleeting awareness of the latest crime stats suggests that the need for effective security measures is more important than ever before.

    Therefore choosing the right CCTV set-up is equally as prominent a concern.

    Of the many models available on the market, CCTV solutions can mainly be divided into two distinct categories;

    1. Stand-alone systems
    2. And those which allow for consistent monitoring via IP technology.

    Whilst a stand-alone surveillance system may allow you to assess how the damage occurred after the event compare this with a monitored CCTV system which provides much greater insight and can also help to lessen any damage by catching burglars in the act.

    A stand-alone system will capture the crime and give a recorded feed, but won’t allow an immediate response.

    The live element is central to ensuring the appropriate response from security services and public services such as the police.


    Monitored vs. Remote View CCTV Recording

    When you’re considering which CCTV setup to choose, you’ll need to weigh up the two main options;

    1. Monitored CCTV or
    2. Remote view CCTV

    The latter which offers you a recorded video which can be viewed remotely.

    The decision you make will be dependent upon many factors, including your budget and the specifications of the space or building you are seeking to protect.

    However, each comes with distinct benefits and drawbacks and these pros and cons will also need to be carefully weighed up when you’re deciding exactly how to improve your business security.

    While monitored CCTV means the feed will be monitored by security professionals keeping a watchful eye over your place of business, this is not possible with CCTV which is recorded and viewable from a remote location.

    The effectiveness of remote view CCTV recording lies in its ability to provide detailed camera footage after the event, not during.

    You can, of course, wade through footage should an incident occur, viewing via a wireless connection is also possible.

    The downside is that the system is less effective as a pre-emptive measure or as a means of alerting police or other emergency services during an event.

    Monitored CCTV meanwhile provides the opposite, helping to lessen any damage by giving up-to-the-minute information on what’s happening and where.

    Importance of Using an Accredited Security Installer

    After you’ve selected the right security system for you, it’s time to decide how you’ll go about installing it.

    It’s hard to overstate the importance of ensuring your chosen business security installer is fully accredited, as a poorly installed CCTV system will fail to protect your assets.

    Whether your choice of an installer is influenced by personal recommendations, cost or expertise, there are many rogue operators who will be only too happy to take advantage of customers unaware of accreditation.

    Most reputable installers within the security industry will agree that getting accredited is a vital step to building trust and cultivating a culture of reliability.

    In addition to placing their accreditations front and centre when you contact them, a great installer should be able to explain to you what these accreditations pertain to.  Further how they help them carry out their work more efficiently and effectively.

    There are a number of different bodies which cover security installation, and their accreditation carries varying degrees of respect.

    However, choosing installers with relevant credentials under this umbrella ensures you are putting your business security system in the hands of a company which values improvement and competency, and adheres to best practice at all times.